Rubix Redux

Rubix Redux 2.00

Brain-bending puzzle game


  • Four difficulty levels
  • Records stats and high scores
  • Challenging gameplay


  • Becomes exceedingly frustrating


If you were around in the 80s then you're sure to remember one of the greatest inventions of that era - the Rubix cube.
Personally, I never managed to solve one of those oh-so frustrating colored bricks, so I thought I'd have another stab at completing it by trying out this 2D version of the puzzle on my mobile phone.

Rubix Redux plays in a similar way to the original only this time you only need to rotate the blocks on horizontal and vertical axes, so that every row or column is the same color.
Unfortunately, this makes it no-less difficult, and I ended up wasting hours trying fiddling around with it. Needless to say, I came pretty close to throwing my phone at the wall on several occasions.

The game itself is neatly presented without being too flashy. There is a choice of four difficulty levels, each with a different number of squares that increase with difficulty.
You can save and load games, and Rubix Redux keeps a record of all your stats and high scores. It's fun to play, though the repetitive nature of trying to match the colors up can become awfully infuriating, especially as there are no in-game hints.

If you want to revisit the days when colored cubes were more popular than video games then Rubix Redux makes for an interesting incarnation.

Rubix Redux is just like a Rubix cube but the cube is laid out in a 2D matrix, rather than a 3D cube like the original format of the puzzler.

Rubix Redux


Rubix Redux 2.00

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